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Don’t Sell my Info, for California and applicable jurisdictions’ Consumers

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) allows consumers in California to opt-out of certain sharing of their data

Sell My House Quick Now does not sell your data — we are not data brokers, and we don’t put your data on the open market. However, under the CCPA, some sharing of personal information necessary to provide you with personalized ads may be considered a “sale” even if no money is exchanged. You may opt-out of such sharing below.

You can opt-out by sending an email to: privacy [at] . Please provide your first name, last name, email, phone number, and address when you send the opt-out request.

If you opt-out, Sell My House Quick Now will stop sharing your information with some of its advertising partners, and you will no longer receive personalized offers from Sell My House Quick Now on some sites or services.

You can read more about how we use personal information in our Privacy Policy Here and Sell My House Quick Now Privacy Notice for California and Applicable Jurisdictions’ Residents Here.